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Why have an EAP/EFAP with FSEAP?

Leading companies know that human resources are their most valuable asset. In order for an organization to have a winning edge in today's marketplace, employees must be performing at their best. Unfortunately, studies show that an estimated 20% of employees have concerns affecting their job performance.

Fewer Attendance Problems.  As many as 30% of all unscheduled absences are related to personal and family concerns, such as relationship difficulties, childcare issues, and mental-health problems. When  employees utilize FSEAP to address such issues, your organization can significantly improve employees' attendance rates.  

Fewer Injuries and Accidents. Employees with personal problems are often preoccupied and distracted, increasing their risk of accident and injury. By integrating FSEAP into your prevention efforts, your organization can significantly lower your rate of accidents and injuries.

Increased Employee Productivity. By helping employees to resolve personal and family problems before they impact their work performance, your organization can help to preserve your employees' productivity.

Increased Employee Loyalty and Retention. Finally, the establishment of an EFAP with FSEAP is a tangible demonstration of care and respect by an employer towards its staff. Making current and prospective employees aware of this employee benefit can assist your organization to better recruit and retain your employees.

Our Workplace Solutions

FSEAP Vancouver offers a wide range of business products and services to assist business leaders and human resource professionals in achieving their goals for organizational health, productivity and profitability.  Whether you are concerned about absenteeism, organizational change, conflict in the workplace, or any of the other issues facing today's organizations, FSEAP will assist you in customizing a solution appropriate to your needs and situation.


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