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Quality Improvement and Accreditation

FSEAP is committed to excellence in client service quality and to respecting the dignity, integrity, and diversity of the clients we serve.  We  have a Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) program that assesses and monitors our business practices and the delivery of services to ensure that they are consistent with FSEAP's goals for providing services that focus on meeting the unique needs and concerns of employees and their family members, thereby enhancing the health and effectiveness of the organizations we serve. Within our PQI program, patterns and trends for quality improvement are identified, necessary changes identified, and remedial steps taken. Our internal processes and services are evaluated by reviews of the following program data:

  • Client satisfaction results
  • Clinical record reviews
  • Clinical service outcomes
  • Complaints/feedback
  • Incidents and accidents
  • Managgement and business operations

Additionally, we set the following requirements to ensure you get the highest clinical quality:

  •  Full accreditation certification by the Council on Accreditation (COA) 
  •  Masters level intake counsellors
  •  Masters level professional EFAP counsellors with a minimum 2500 hours clinical experience
  • On-site clinical supervision of professional staff
  • Program/Account management providing timely and reliable support

Accreditation by Council on Accreditation (COA)

We understand that telling you about our best practices is not enough - for your business or for ours. It is for this reason that we put our organization and our services up to independent scrutiny through the COA Accreditation Process. COA is an international, independent, not-for-profit organization that has been accrediting public and private human service organizations since 1977. COA has specific standards for Canadian EAP providers, including:

        Administration and Management

         Ethical Practice

         Financial management


         Human Resources

         Performance and Quality Improvement

         Risk Prevention Management

         Administrative Services

         Behavioural Support and Management

         Clients Rights

         Training and Supervision

         EAP Services


For more information about COA's Accreditation Program visit www.coanet.org

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