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What Makes Us Unique?

FSEAP is everything an EAP should be.  Personal.  Real service.  A real difference. These are not just words to us; they are our life and breathe - what makes us different.

Personal.  Our aim is to make every interaction with the EAP, regardless at what level it takes place, a personal and meaningful experience. We're national and local. We have offices and resources across the country, but we're still small enough to give people the attention and the personal, local connection they deserve. We favour personal service over self-service.  We work with people and organizations to build trusting, impactful relationships. We do this, because we genuinely care about helping people to make positive changes in their life, work and environment.

Real service. We know that the majority of people who contact us have real concerns. We make sure that clients have a choice of options for communicating directly with a counsellor. We staff our 1-800 line 24/7 with caring, professional master's level counsellors, who are ready to help. We make sure that all clients have access to the right kind of assistance to resolve their issues. We also make sure that, wherever possible, clients get the service they ask for....that's why 96% of our personal counselling service is delivered in-person, rather than by phone or over the internet.

A real difference.  Most organizations today are committed to corporate citizenship and "giving back" with initiatives that support charitable causes, community participation, and environmental responsibility. These values contribute to a healthy workplace culture. FSEAP shares these values, but with a unique difference.  We are the only Canadian EAP provider structured as a social enterprise where all of our proceeds support crucial services for children, youth, adults and families at risk in local communities throughout Canada. 100% of the proceeds generated by FSEAP Vancouver, stay in BC-- supporting community social programming at Family Services of Greater Vancouver.

FSEAP agencies, located across Canada, also play an integral role in their communities. Their vision of healthy, vibrant and thriving communities results in diverse programming from general counselling services and family-life education, to family violence programs, specialized services for new immigrants and ethno-cultural groups, advocacy and community development. Most of these community programs offered outside EAP are either free or provided on an ability to pay basis. All Family Services agencies are guided by principles of fairness, inclusion, learning and collaboration. By investing in FSEAP, companies are helping to strengthen the socio-economic conditions of the communities where their employees work and live. Employees can take pride in the fact that their company supports their EAP in directing resources to their local communities.

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